The Talent Spy scouting team is directed to direct (live) and indirect (video) observation. Mainly, as a result of experience and investigation in this observation area, presents two types of report: the observation report referring to a game, and profile evaluation that refers to a group of games.


Currently the skills to observe and find talent are a key factor, either for the club sports success, either for its financial sustainability, and for this reason Talent Spy owns a training service that offers the demanded and suitable skills for the performance of tasks related to Scouting in football.


Pre-match team and players analysis
  • Detailed information of 11 players, statistics and face-to-face.
  • PlayerCards with all the statistics, information and key players’ strengths.
  • Face-to-face of key players.
  • Heat Maps on scored goals and conceded goals.
Post-match team and players analysis
  • Game statistics available right after the end of the game.
  • Face-to-face of key players.
  • PlayerCard of the most valuable player.