What is the purpose of talent spy?

Talent Spy is used to record, organize and share information regarding the beautiful game with your workgroup, assuring all data are properly stored and secure.

This software was built with focus on the player and aim to facilitate the work of any sports structure, large or small, providing tools for the scouts as well as for coaches and or directors.

All data entered are encryptedand are only accessible to members of your workgroup.

To who is talent spy intended?

This application is intended to all structures and companies operating directly in the football world, whether Scouts, Analysts, Coaches, Agents or Agencies, small, medium or large Clubs, Academies among others.

How to get a Talent Spy plan?

To get a plan contact us through our contact form or by email.

Who will have access to the data entered in my account?

Only the members added to your account will be able to access all information, yet that will depend on the access level granted to each one of them as well as to the department they’re at.

The data entered in your account are completely confidential, these being stored under heavy security and fully encrypted.

Como criar um relatório para um jogo já criado?

How do I create a player?

On your left side of the screen there are several menus, and on top of them click Create which is red. Here you can view the various options that you can create. Select Player.

Complete the required fields and confirm your action by pressing Save.

Now you can add more details to the player profile you just created.

You can also opt to create a player through the option on the top right corner within the players’ panel.

How do I edit the player data?

Go to the menu Players and select the player you wish to edit. You can only edit a player who is created in your account. In the desired player profile, go to settings and select Edit Player. Here you can find the information you can edit or add to a player.

How can I create and associate teams and their squads to a club?